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How to Apply


Sponsors are eligible organizations that are tax exempt and demonstrate the administrative and financial ability to manage the SFSP. Sponsors must provide a year round public service to the area in which they intend to provide the SFSP.  

Sponsor Eligibility



Sites are the locations where meals are served to children in a supervised setting. For sites to be eligible sites, they must serve children in low-income areas or serve specific groups of low-income children.

Site Eligibility and Types


New Sponsors to the SFSP

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the SFSP, contact the SFSP Team at to receive a pre-qualification packet. Pre-qualification packets are typically available in January of each year and must be completed by April 4, 2024.

Coordinated Application in NexSys

NexSys Child Nutrition Coordinated Application

Site Numbers for the Coordination Application

Coordinated Application Webinar- Sponsors Participating in SFSP


Unanticipated School Closure

Unanticipated School Closure (USC-SFSP) allows sponsors that have been in SFSP within the past 2 years to serve meals at eligible sites when an emergency, such as a snow or extreme cold day, water main break, natural disaster, etc., occurs. This year MDE has been granted a waiver that allows for multiple meals to be served through the SFSP when a building is closed and no virtual school is available.

USC Meal Service During Unanticipated School Closure Request Form

Unanticipated School Closure (USC) Webinar



Rural Non-Congregate (RNC)

Rural Non-Congregate allows for multiple meals to be served to children in communities where no congregate meal service is available. Sponsors can provide households with up to 7 days worth of meals at one time. In order to run a RNC site, the site must qualify for traditional SFSP. If your site does not qualify, contact the SFSP team.

Rural Designation Map

Rural Non-Congregate Webinar 

Rural Non-Congregate TrainingThis training is required for any sponsor planning to serve meals using the RNC option. 

Intent to Participate Form

Rural Non-Congregate Q & A

Rural Non-Congregate USDA Memos

Summer 2024

Non-Congregate Meal Service in Rural Areas Questions and Answers