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Flint Registry

Flint Registry LogoPeople who were impacted by the Flint Water Crisis can now participate in a voluntary secure registry to connect them to programs and other resources that serve to minimize the effects of lead on their health while promoting wellness and recovery.
In addition to linking people to supportive programs and resources, the registry will document the effects on Flint-area residents affected by lead-tainted tap water and evaluate the effectiveness of health, educational, environmental and community services on improving the health of participants. Everyone who was exposed to the Flint water is eligible for the Flint Registry.
Michigan State University administers the registry in collaboration with a broad partnership including leadership from the City of Flint, Greater Flint Health Coalition, educations, clinicians, and community-based organizations that serve Flint-area residents.
To get more information about the Flint Registry, and how to enroll please visit, or phone toll-free at 833-GO-FLINT.
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