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Talking to Kids about COVID-19-Provides information and resources regarding how to explain the pandemic to children of all ages (birth-18) in ways that children are able to understand


UNICEF-Parent Tips for Supporting Teens during COVID-19


National Association of School Psychologists-Information for parents on how to talk to children about COVID-19


PBS-Tips for Talking to Young Children about COVID-19


Birth-3-Answering Young Children's Questions about COVID-19


NPR Comic for Kids that Teaches Them about COVID-19


COVIBOOK-Cute story for parents to read to young children about COVID-19




General mental health information-Resources for parents on depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, AD/HD, hotlines, handouts


Mental Health Support in Michigan-Provides information on mental health supports available in Michigan and basic needs resources


Mental Health Information for Parents of Teens from Mental Health First Aid


Mental Health America-Depression, Anxiety, Bullying, Positive Self Image, Supporting Minority Youth with Mental Health Difficulties Information for Parents


Eating Disorder Resources for Parents of Students Struggling with Eating Disorders


SAMHSA-Substance Abuse Information, Mental Health Support, Suicide Prevention


Mental Health America-Provides parents with a lot of information regarding a broad range of mental health difficulties and supports for these concerns


Coping Skills for Kids-website that has strategies for parents to help kids cope with anxiety and various other mental health concerns-offers calming exercises/strategies and supports



Warmline-Peer Support MI Mental Health Hotline-Connects people living with persistent mental health conditions to certified peer support specialists. It’s available 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week at 888-PEER-753 (888-733-7753).


National Association of School Psychologists-Parent handout on supporting students with mental health difficulties


National Child Traumatic Stress Network-Parent/Caregiver handout on supporting children during COVID-19


NAMI-Parent handout with helpful information about suicide


National Association of School Psychologists-Handout for parents with information about suicide




POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORTS IN THE HOME SETTING-Positive behavior strategies for parents to use to improve completion of schoolwork, chores, and following directions at home


Behavior Support Help from Yale-Parent Cue Cards-quick tips/help with behavioral/emotional concerns


Resources for supporting children's emotional well being and social skills-Across all grade levels


Parent Toolkit-Academic and Mental Health Resources-Resources to help children with math, reading, financial literacy, and emotional support for students across all grade levels (K-12)


UNC-Support for Parents of Children with Autism Document for COVID-19-social stories, visual schedules, creating routines, mindfulness, self monitoring, task analysis


NEDSHOW-Responsibility Chart-Helpful handouts to assist children in being responsible and making positive choices at home

Champion Choices

Course of Action




Remote Learning Tips for Students with AD/HD-Short Article with Strategies to Increase Success for Students with AD/HD in online/remote learning


Parent Toolkit-Academic and Mental Health Resources-Resources to help children with math, reading, financial literacy, and emotional support for students across all grade levels (K-12)


8 Tips for Parents-Remote Learning-Quick article that outlines helpful strategies to use at home in supporting students in remote learning


SEESAW-Learning Tips for Families at Home-Handout with tips for success in remote learning


Michigan Alliance for Families-Information about supporting students with disabilities during  COVID-19 in remote learning, input regarding IEP meetings during COVID-19, and how IEPs will be followed during distance learning




Free Learning Resources-Supports that families can use in their home that are free or low cost to support online learning


Khan Academy-Free online learning program


Splashlearn-Math games and resources for elementary school


IXL-Online resource for Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science


Learning Library-Free Worksheets, Learning Booklets, and Games for Math, Reading, Social Studies


Readworks-Free Reading Comprehension and Literacy Website




Physical Exercise and Yoga-Exercise videos and resources that families can use at home to keep children active and calm


Open Physical Education Active Home Module-Fun resource to get exercise at home and in nature during COVID-19 with children-interactive and interesting for all ages.  The tools and resources on the page are designed to help families enjoy physical activity together as a way to enhance physical and emotional health and well-being. 


Preschool and Elementary Student Exercise Resource-Google Document created by physical education teachers with a variety of videos that parents can do at home.  The videos include the following:  dancing, general fitness, jumping, bowling, outdoor exercise, fitness scavenger hunts, and yoga. 


Open Phys Ed Yoga and Mindfulness Module-Yoga and Mindfulness are exercises that can help calm children of all ages.  These exercises are particularly helpful during stressful times.


Go Noodle-Fun fitness and dance videos for kids, great way to make exercise fun at home get your children moving


Cosmic Kids Yoga-Youtube video channel with fun yoga exercises for preschool and elementary students


Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises-Strategies that parents can use with children to help them calm down and focus on the present moment


Relaxation Video (grades 3-5) - Cartoon video explaining how to do the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Relaxation Videos (grades 6-12)-Short videos to help older students learn basic relaxation exercises and strategies

Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Mindfulness Meditation (Grades 9-12) -Brief video to teach high school students basic strategies to relax and decrease worries


 Mindfulness Breathing (grades 6-12) -Helps teach students to learn how to breathe deeply to relax




PARENT SELF CARE-Provides strategies and tips to help parents remain calm during stressful times and day to day situations


15 Self Care Strategies for Parents-Outlines simple and effective strategies for parents to remain calm and take care of themselves that can be used in one’s daily routine


General Self Care Tips for Parents-Provides quick strategies that can be added to one’s day as a parent to help remain calm and energized


Self Care APPS-Apps that are available for free/low cost to help remain calm and focused on remaining emotionally/physically healthy




Parent to Parent Support-Help connect parents with other parents though support groups and other resources to help them with work with the school and provide general daily assistance


Michigan Alliance for Families-Provides information, resources, and support for families of children age (Birth-26) who receive (or may be in need of) special education services


Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Resources-Outlines information and resources for parents on special education services


7 Online Support Groups for Parents During the Pandemic-Provides a list of Online Support Groups that are available to support parents during COVID-19 with a wide variety of struggles (remote learning, caring for children, struggles of single parenting etc.)




BASIC NEEDS SUPPORT-Provide help to parents with food, employment, shelter, and various other basic needs


 Food Distribution Information-Help parents access free food distribution locations


MI Bridges-Help connect parents with food support, video provided on accessing food support in Michigan


United Way-Help support families with healthcare, childcare, utilities, and food, list of all United Way Agencies in the state


Homelessness Resources


Employment Support


MI Locator-Helps connect parents with job support and other resources


MI Works-Helps find jobs and develop employment skills


Childcare Assistance


Childcare and Basic Needs Support-Help connect parents with childcare support and basic needs resources (food, paying utilities, diapers, mental health support)




FAQs about Custody and Parenting Time during the COVID-19 Outbreak in Michigan


Co-Parenting Through the Pandemic: Putting Your Children First


7 Guidelines for Divorced Parents During COVID-19

Short video with important realistic simple guidelines to consider during the pandemic.


10 Steps to Co-Parent During the COVID-19 Crisis

10 simple easy to implement tips to help co-parent during challenging time