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Marketing Supplemental and Remote Materials



52.1999 Specialized Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing Operations, Other

*please note this list is not exhaustive – it is a small compilation of suggestions as to where to access supplemental CTE materials

If you have a suggestion for a resource you would like added, please forward that information to Celena Mills





Michigan is a member of MBA Research, which provides free and reduced-price curriculum, certification, and resources to teachers. Teachers in Michigan have access to Learning Activity Package (LAP) modules, Ethics Leadership Courses (generously provided by the Daniels Fund), and more. To access resources, first register on the State’s Connection Resource Portal.



Business U has created a partnership with MBA Research to deliver full ‘ready-to-teach’ standards-aligned business and marketing courses through a turn-key, interactive delivery platform. The nine courses are fully loaded, sequenced and daily-paced; they allow teachers to add content, pull in existing content, and auto grade. The program also includes teacher guides, standards-level analytics, quiz vaults, real-time rubrics, group management functionality, and more. Free trials are extended to the end of the semester and include unlimited student IDs. Sign up using the website or by contacting


The Michigan Marketing Educators group lists their favorite resources on their page; teachers who are members get full access.