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Section 31a At-Risk

Program Description

Section 31a of the State School Aid Act provides categorical funding to eligible Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and Public School Academies (PSAs) for the intent and purposes focused on the following student outcomes: attending school regularly, reading proficiently by the end of 3rd Grade, being proficient in mathematics by the end of 8th Grade, and being career and college ready by high school graduation [Section 31a(1)].  An "At-Risk Pupil" is a K-12 pupil, for whom the LEA has documentation, that meets any of the 10 identification criteria in Section 31a(19).

Funds allocated through Section 31a At-Risk are limited to instructional services and direct non-instructional services to pupils.  They are intended to be spent in the current State fiscal year and may not be used for administration or other related costs.  LEAs may carry over funds for one year.  Legislative and Technical Assistance documents are available below.

Allocation Information

Section 31a Estimated Allocations can be found on the Michigan Department of Education's (MDE's) State Aid Payment Information webpage.  Please refer to the following contacts for specific allocation-related questions:

  • Calculation
    • Office of State Aid and School Finance: 517-335-4059
  • Pupil Eligibility Count
    • Office of Educational Supports (OES), Financial Unit: 517-241-5388

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS): The MDE MTSS Practice Profile

LEAs utilizing Section 31a funding are required to implement a K-12 MTSS framework with fidelity.  The MDE has created the MTSS Practice Profile as a model for implementing a responsive framework to address the academic and non-academic needs of students in the State of Michigan.  For more comprehensive information, please visit the MDE MTSS Practice Profile webpage.

School Breakfast Program Supplement

Per Section 31a(6), LEAs operating a school breakfast program are to use up to $10/student for the costs associated with the operation of that program.  This is not an optional expenditure of Section 31a funds.  Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for further guidance.

Resource Materials & Tools

At-Risk Program Planning

The MDE team is providing Technical Assistance (TA) guidance resources to aid LEAs in meeting the intent and purpose of Section 31a.  These resources will guide LEAs in intentional program planning to address the requirements of Section 31a and maximize resources to meet the instructional and non-instructional needs of at-risk-eligible students.

Annual Program and Fiscal Report (APFR)

The Section 31a APFR is due July 15 of each year.  This fulfills the Section 31a(9) reporting requirement.  The APFR is available through NexSys by logging into your MILogin for Third Party account.

To help support the timely submission of the APFR, Section 31a Consultants are offering a Live Webinar on June 1, 2022 from 1:00pm–3:00pm.  The Webinar and Question & Answer session is designed to walk LEA representatives through the accurate completion of the Report.  In addition to the Live Webinar, Section 31a Consultants have provided pre-recorded Webinars on the following topics:

  • The FY22 Section 31a APFR
  • FY22 Section 31a APFR: Quick Review for Experienced Section 31a Reporters
    • This is a quick review of the Section 31a APFR for those LEA leaders who have completed the Report in previous years.  It will provide an overview of the NexSys Report including a review of the four forms that are required, guidance on completing the MTSS responses, and highlight changes to this year’s Report.
    • Quick Review for Experienced Reporters Pre-Recorded Webinar
  • FY22 APFR MTSS Responses
    • This Webinar shares updated guidance and background information regarding the MTSS narrative response questions on the APFR.  FY22 is the 4th year that these questions have been a part of the Report and this Webinar provides historical context, MTSS resources, and tips for accurately completing the APFR narrative responses.
    • APFR MTSS Responses Pre-Recorded Webinar

Section 31a Consultants will be offering three APFR TA Office Hours sessions from June 16–July 12, 2022.  These TA Office Hours are opportunities for LEA leadership to join the Zoom link below (during the listed time) for TA support.

Please register in advance for the June 1, 2022 Live Webinar.  After registering, a confirmation e-mail will be sent containing the information about how to join the live Webinar.

During TA Office Hours, please feel free to stop in using the link below for the day and time you would like TA.  When entering TA Office Hours, you will first enter a waiting room and the Section 31a Consultant will let you into the meeting room.

Direct any questions to the Section 31a General Mailbox or your LEA’s Section 31a Single Point of Contact while completing the FY22 Section 31a APFR.  Contact information is listed below.

Program Contacts