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Test Administrator Toolkit for Building Coordinators

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Guide for Using the Test Administrator Toolkit for Building Coordinators
of State of Michigan Summative Tests


This toolkit has been prepared for building coordinators to be used as a resource for training test administrators. You can customize this toolkit to document test administration processes and policies specific to your school and/or district.

How to use this toolkit:

This toolkit is to be used as a set of tools for training test administrators. The PowerPoint and other materials are designed to be tailored to suit your district and/or building’s test administration policies and procedures specific to the test to be administered. It does not take the place of other training requirements, such as reading the test administration manuals and test directions but is to be used as a supplemental resource that can be part of the materials needed for training test administrators.

MDE recommends:

  • Customize and share the checklist with your test administrators early in the training process so that they can document the training they receive.
  • Customize the PowerPoint based on the policies and procedures in your building, such as where secure materials are stored, what to do in the case of an emergency, etc. Feel free to combine presentations, delete unneeded slides, add slides specific to your context, or otherwise revise.
  • Ensure all testing staff have read the Assessment Integrity Guide and/or taken the Assessment Security Training from Michigan Virtual (MV).  
  • Make copies as needed of the Assessment Integrity Guide and the Security Compliance Form.
  • Retain copies of all training materials, such as PowerPoints, checklists, and training attendance sheets, for 3 years.


List of resources contained in this toolkit:

  • A customizable checklist template of the before, during, and after test administration tasks, procedures, and requirements specific to the test(s) you are responsible for
  • A PowerPoint template that should be customized for training
  • An informational flyer with details and access information on the Assessment Security Training offered by Michigan Virtual (MV)
  • A copy of the Assessment Integrity Guide
  • A Security Compliance form



M-STEP Test Administrator Training PowerPoint Template
M-STEP Test Administrator Training Checklist