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Essential Elements with Michigan Range of Complexity

Please Note: Michigan’s Alternate Content Expectations/Essential Elements are designed only for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.”


The following documents are Michigan's alternate content expectations for English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

The documents:

  • Assist educators in understanding the links between the general assessment content standards and the Essential Elements.

  • Provide the Michigan Range of Complexity, which outlines how the skills associated with each target Essential Element (that will be measured as "state accessible") is to be assessed using the three levels of MI-Access.

    • High Range of Complexity will be measured using MI-Access Functional Independence

    • Medium Range of Complexity will be measured using MI-Access Supported Independence

    • Low Range of Complexity will be measured using MI-Access Participation

    • Note: Target Essential Elements without a range are not assessed at the state level and it is up to local agencies to determine the path students will take toward the target Essential Element

  • Provide educators:

    • a full scope of the Essential Elements and Range of Complexity for both short and long term planning

    • a resource in planning for instruction

Alternate Expectations for English Language Arts

Kindergarten ELA Essential Elements

Grade 1 ELA Essential Elements                            Grade 2 ELA Essential Elements

Grade 3 ELA Essential Elements                            Grade 7 ELA Essential Elements   

Grade 4 ELA Essential Elements                            Grade 8 ELA Essential Elements

Grade 5 ELA Essential Elements                            Grade 9-10 ELA Essential Elements

Grade 6 ELA Essential Elements                            Grade 11 ELA Essential Elements                     

Grade 12 ELA Essential Elements


Alternate Expectations for Mathematics

Kindergarten Mathematics Essential Elements      

Grade 1 Mathematics Essential Elements              Grade 2 Mathematics Essential Elements

Grade 3 Mathematics Essential Elements              Grade 7 Mathematics Essential Elements             

Grade 4 Mathematics Essential Elements              Grade 8 Mathematics Essential Elements

Grade 5 Mathematics Essential Elements              Grade 9 Mathematics Essential Elements

Grade 6 Mathematics Essential Elements              Grade 10 Mathematics Essential Elements

Grade 11-12 Mathematics Essential Elements


Comprehensive DLM Essential Elements

DLM Essential Elements for ELA 

DLM Essential Elements for Math