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Recording and Tracking Resources

Listed below are optional worksheets and should be kept in-district if used. Please note that some accommodations are grayed out because these are not available for a particular grade level and/or content area. Also, this is not a full list of available universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations available to students. A full list can be found by going to and reviewing the Supports and Accommodations Table.

Developed from Portage Public Schools Worksheet.

The list below are optional worksheets to assist in tracking how students are using supports and accommodations in the classroom and also evaluating the usefulness of the supports and accommodations after they have been used.

Topic Sample Description

Accessibility Supports in the Classroom

Completed Sample of Accessibility Supports in the Classroom

Use this chart to track different aspects of how a student uses accessibility Supports in your classroom.

After-test Accessibility Questions

Completed Sample of After-test Accessibility Questions

Use this form after a test to interview a student about the accessibility supports provided, used, whether they were useful and whether they should be used again.