Optimized EV Charger Placement Plan

DCFC MapEnergy Services has taken steps to develop a DC fast charging network for worry-free electric vehicle (EV) travel throughout Michigan by 2030. The project, driven by stakeholders, takes an analytical approach to optimizing placement of EV charging stations statewide with minimal investment cost and user delay.  Explore below for more information on stakeholder meetings, presentations, and findings.

Phase I: Highways 

Finds optimal DC fast charger placement along Michigan highways.  This phase examines the bare-bones system required to support continuous EV travel in Michigan.


Supplement I: Full Tourism Analysis 

Examines DC fast charging needs to support tourism in Michigan.

Supplement II: Economic Analysis 

Determines the economic development potential from DC fast chargers, as determined by the analyses above.

Phase II: Select Cities 

Focuses on DC fast charger placement in select Michigan cities.  Together with Phase I, it will form a more comprehensive plan for DC fast charging placement in Michigan.