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Former McLouth Steel Corp Site

Latest Updates

In recent weeks, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has observed and tested a corrosive milky liquid found at the north end of the former McLouth Steel facility in the Wayne County city of Riverview near the new railroad crossing at the intersection of Payne Avenue and West Jefferson Avenue. EGLE is working with property owner Riverview Trenton Railroad Co. (RTRR), and local governments to understand the situation, minimize any risks to public health and the environment, and halt the release of contaminants.

EGLE advises people to avoid exposure to any liquids pooled or flowing in and around this area.  Temporary orange fencing has been erected to deter access, and signs are posted to warn against exposure.

The corrosive milky liquids have been found to be seeping to the surface (upwelling) in and around the railroad tracks on both sides of West Jefferson Avenue and have also been observed seeping into Monguagon (or Huntington) Creek from the shoreline of RTRR’s property. All liquids in these areas had pH measurements in excess of 12 standard units. Liquids at these pH levels are corrosive and could potentially damage the skin or cause other harm to anyone who comes in direct contact with them.

RTRR has installed a sump pump onsite and as of February 8, 2024, has begun pumping the high pH groundwater within the onsite area where upwelling is occurring.  This pumping appears to be reducing the upwelling.  As a result of the pumping, EGLE staff have not recently observed the pooled high pH water north of West Jefferson Avenue.  All pumped liquids are containerized and will be characterized for proper disposal.  

On February 2, 2024, EGLE instructed RTRR to provide a plan by February 16, 2024, to investigate the cause of the upwelling of the high-pH liquid in the northwest corner of RTRR’s property and the migration from there, and to propose a long-term remedy.  RTRR submitted the Outfall Investigation Work Plan #2 (Work Plan #2) on February 15, 2024, and Work Plan #2 is currently being reviewed by EGLE staff.  Work Plan #2 is posted below.  EGLE has also instructed RTRR to coordinate with the City of Riverview and/or Wayne County for access arrangements and sewer dye testing, as necessary.

Outfall Investigation Work Plan #2

New Area of Interest Work Plan

During the spring of 2023, EGLE Materials Management Division (MMD), staff conducted inspections and collected samples after receiving information from a community member. Excavation activities associated with construction of a rail crossing in West Jefferson Avenue exposed shallow, high-pH groundwater that had been in contact with buried calcium hydroxide waste. The MMD notified RTRR and required immediate action to protect the community from potential human exposure. RTRR installed fencing to prevent people from accessing the site and a berm to prevent offsite migration. MMD staff also observed a substance exhibiting a milky appearance seeping into Monguagon Creek (Huntington Creek) nearby. Based on the data collected from inspections and sampling events, MMD determined that the northwest area of the site is a New Area of Interest under the Corrective Action Consent Order (CACO). RTRR was required develop an Interim Measures Work Plan (Work Plan) and propose actions that would immediately prevent the discharge of impacted groundwater into Huntington Creek (or Monguagon Creek) and to investigate and determine the nature of the discharge, including the conditions under which the discharge occurs. RTRR submitted the Work Plan and MMD approved it with modifications on July 28, 2023.  RTRR submitted a Revised Work Plan on August 16, 2023, to those address modifications, and MMD approved it on October 24, 2023.

New Area of Interest Interim Measures Modified Work Plan

RTRR Interim Measures Work Plan Approval with Modifications


The former McLouth Steel facility originally consisted of approximately 273 acres and operated from about 1950 until 1995. In 1995, McLouth filed for bankruptcy and the property has been transferred to multiple owners between 1996 and 2017. The original property is now split into a 76-acre northern portion presently owned by RTRR and a 197-acre southern portion, most of which is owned by MSC LLC.

For further details see the timeline below:

EGLE MMD is the lead agency overseeing environmental clean-up activities, also called corrective action, occurring at the 76-acre northern portion of the site owned by RTRR. EGLE determined that additional corrective action is needed based on the information collected during the first phase of corrective action work. A second phase of corrective action is forthcoming. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is the lead agency overseeing environmental clean-up activities occurring at the 197-acre southern portion of the site, with support from EGLE's Remediation and Redevelopment Division (RRD). Find more information from U.S. EPA on the McLouth Steel Corp. Superfund Website. Nilia Green is the U.S. EPA Region 5 Superfund Division Remedial Project Manager for the southern portion of the site and can be reached directly at; or 312-353-6713. Megan Cynar is the EGLE, RRD, Project Manager for the southern portion of the site and can be reached directly at; or 517 256 2681.

EGLE and U.S. EPA have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that provides a process for the agencies to coordinate clean-up activities across the site. The existing MOU is in the process of being updated to reflect current conditions at the site and expectations of the parties.


Oonagh McKenna, EGLE, Project Manager

Corrective Actions

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To receive periodic updates from EGLE on the RTRR, northern portion of the former McLouth facility via email, go to and subscribe to the Former McLouth Property/Riverview-Trenton Railroad North Parcel list.. 

More information on the Southern portion can be found here: U.S. EPA McLouth Steel Corp Reports and Documents