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In Michigan, as well as other states, shippers of scrap metal and other recyclable materials may be eligible for a Department of Transportation special permit (DOT-SP 10656) or Department of Transportation special permit (DOT-SP 11406) when radioactive material is detected in a shipment. This special permit allows the shipment to proceed from the location of detection of the radioactivity back to the place of origin of the shipment without being subject to the classification, packaging and hazards communications requirements of the Department of Transportation's rules found in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Eligibility is based upon the state radiation control program's determination that the load meets the requirements of the permit. The last two pages are filled out by the state radiation control program based upon information received from the facility detecting the radioactivity in the shipment. It is faxed to the detecting facility where a copy is issued to the shipper to carry with the other shipping papers associated with the load.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Radiological Protection Section issues the special permits in Michigan and receives copies of those issued by other states where the final destination of the load is a Michigan facility. Radiological Protection Section staff respond to incidents to determine the source of the radioactivity for loads returned to Michigan facilities.

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