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Learn about local water quality in reports issued by community water suppliers

Grand Traverse Commons water tower. The best way to learn about your local water quality is by reading your community water supplier’s Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also known as an Annual Water Quality Report.

Every community water supplier must provide a CCR to its bill-paying customers by July 1 each year. CCRs may be delivered in different ways, such as a paper copy or via a link within your bill. (If you get a water bill for your water, you are on a community water supply, a type of public supply.)

The CCR Rule requires community water supplies to annually report to their customers on the quality of the drinking water and the sources of that water, and to characterize the risks (if any) from exposure to contaminants detected in the water.

If you’re not sure where to access yours, contact your local water supplier. Your local water supplier should also be your first call to answer questions or address concerns.

Not sure if you’re on a community water supply? Here’s a list of them in Michigan.

This video explains more about community water supply in Michigan.

Caption: Grand Traverse Commons water tower.