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  • Community Energy Services

    Energy Services is commited to promoting healthy communities, economic growth, and environmental sustainability through energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Business & Communities Intro

Businesses and Communities

  • Business and Communities

    Energy Services is committed to promoting healthy communities, economic growth, and environmental sustainability through energy efficiency and renewable energy.  We support individuals, businesses, and communities by providing educational awareness as well as technical, financial, and referral assistance. Energy Services offers a variety of programs each year to catalyze growth and jumpstart Michigan entities in reaching their own energy goals.

  • List of Goals

    Assisting communities to help them achieve their own sustainability initiatives, lower utility costs, and receive acknowledgments for their energy achievements. 

    Clean Manufacturing/Industry
    Assisting agribusinesses and manufacturers through:  Incentivizing technology upgrades leading to energy waste reduction/energy efficiency practices and by providing resources and education to inform business owners and facility managers of available opportunities and how to take advantage of them. 

    Energy Equity
    Promote renewable energy to Michigan communities by showcasing and educating stakeholders on innovative, affordable, and practical renewable energy technologies and programs applicable to Michigan.

    Clean Energy Transportation
    Supporting energy conservation in the transportation sector by understanding the future role of electric vehicles in the state of Michigan and how to best assist the growth of this technology.

    Energy Research, Event Sponsorships & Trainings
    Support for energy research, event sponsorships and other training activities that provide Michigan businesses, communities, and citizens with information to make informed energy decisions. 

    Policy & Planning
    Striving to create common energy frameworks and goals across the state, as well as to build relationships to make these commonalities possible.

Projects and Reports

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    Access the laws, administrative rules, guidelines & decisions that govern the regulation of oil, gas, natural gas, electric, and renewable energy businesses and utilities. Find information regarding consumer standards and billing practices for energy services.


Information for Business Utility Customers

  • Information for Business Utility Customers

    The Michigan Public Service Commission maintains a list of resources for businesses. These resources cover electric choice, utility fraud prevention, and how to contract with and receive service from utility companies.


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