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Demolition services needed for blighted homes in Newaygo

Newaygo is one of nine communities to use Michigan Land Bank Rural Community Demolition Grant funds for community development

Friday, July 29, 2019

Contact: Gabby Abel

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority is seeking proposals for demolition and abatement services for three blighted homes in Newaygo.

“I’m happy our team can assist another Rural Community Demolition Grant awardee in demolishing these blighted homes and I look forward to seeing the continued revitalization of this community,” Michigan Land Bank Interim Director Jeff Huntington said.

The three properties are owned by the City of Newaygo and have stood vacant for more than three years. Demolition of these properties is part of the city’s ongoing plan to revitalize the community.

The city will be seeking developers once demolition is complete to turn these properties into commercial and residential units.

Demolition will be funded by Michigan Rural Community Demolition Grant funds awarded to the City of Newaygo in April. The city is one of nine communities to use Rural Community Demolition Grant funds this year. This grant was made available to county land banks and local units of government to help communities remove vacant and abandoned structures from their neighborhoods, allowing them to prepare for future developments that spark business investment and provide job opportunities for residents.

"The City of Newaygo is grateful for the help of the Michigan Land Bank in preparing the properties on Wood Street for future development, this is a key step toward increasing the vibrancy of our town,” said Newaygo City Manager Jon Schneider.

Questions from potential bidders must be received via email by July 29, to with the subject “Newaygo RFP Questions.” Bidders must submit proposals electronically to by noon Aug. 5.

To view the Request for Proposals, visit