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Labor and Economic Opportunity

How to File a Complaint with MIOSHA

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974 gives employees the right to file complaints about workplace safety and health hazards. Further, the Act gives complainants the right to request that their names not be revealed to their employers. Complaints from employees and their representatives are taken seriously by MIOSHA. Other issues may be outside the scope of the program and cannot be addressed by MIOSHA. For a list of issues MIOSHA does not cover, please see Issues Not Covered by MIOSHA.

If you would like to report hazards at your worksite to MIOSHA, or you have been discriminated against on the basis of safety and health issues, choose ONE of the following:


There are two ways to file an employee complaint if you believe your working conditions are unsafe or unhealthful. You can file a complaint online OR you can download the MIOSHA Complaint Form, complete and sign the form, then mail or fax it to MIOSHA. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number so we can contact you if necessary. If you wish to have your name remain confidential, please indicate that in the box on the complaint form. 

Complaints with the signature (which can be an electronic signature) of the employee or employee representative are more likely to result in an onsite inspection. Complaints without a signature are more likely to be addressed by MIOSHA calling or faxing the employer a letter asking for a response to the complaint allegations.

  • File a complaint online.
  • Download, complete and sign the form, then mail or fax it to MIOSHA.

You may telephone MIOSHA at 800-866-4674 for the purposes of discussing your complaint and having MIOSHA staff respond to any questions you may have. Complaints are not accepted by telephone in non-emergency situations. An exception is that the Construction Safety and Health Division may accept construction-related complaints by telephone due to the temporary nature of construction work. If there is an emergency or the hazard is immediately life threatening, call MIOSHA at 800-866-4674 to report the situation.

It is unlawful to make any false statements, representations, or certification in any document filed pursuant to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974, as amended. Violations can be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000, or by imprisonment of not more than six months, or by both (Section 35(7)).


File a discrimination complaint if your employer has discriminated against you for exercising any employee rights established under the MIOSHA Act or for refusing to work when faced with an imminent danger situation which could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately or before the danger can be eliminated through enforcement procedures. You may file a discrimination complaint by letter or by calling MIOSHA Employee Discrimination Section within 30 days of the date of occurrence at 313-456-3109.