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In order for individuals performing asbestos-related work to become accredited, they must successfully complete a designated training course that is recognized and/or approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Asbestos Program. For the 40-hour contractor/supervisor, 32-hour asbestos abatement worker, 24-hour project designer, 24-hour inspector, and 16-hour management planner courses, Michigan course sponsors must submit an application and other specified materials to the Asbestos Program and receive approval before the course may be taught in Michigan. Specifically, course sponsors must submit all course materials, instructors' credentials, and a completed application form with the appropriate fee. When a course sponsor has satisfied Michigan's minimum requirements, it receives "Contingent Course Approval" and is able to provide the course within the state of Michigan. Each sponsor must then pass an on-site review of their course before receiving "Full Course Approval."

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Michigan Asbestos Training Courses Initial Application 

In order to help standardize how the information for training course notifications, cancellations, or revisions are received, the MIOSHA Asbestos Program has created a form that all training providers are requested to use when notifying, cancelling, or revision training courses.

Asbestos Training Course Notification Form

Also to help standardize the way the class list information is received, the MIOSHA Asbestos Program has created a form that we would like all training providers to use when submitting the list of individuals that have attended the courses that are being taught. Also please remember to submit via email ( to the MIOSHA Asbestos Program, copies of the training certificates that are issued to the students successfully completing your classes.

Asbestos Training Course Roster/Class List Form  

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