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Radiation Shielding Plan Review and General Information

Radiation Shielding Plan Reviews can be completed online at: Please submit the information requested and a shielding review will be performed promptly. A plan review can generally be completed within 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Radiation shielding review and approval should be obtained from the Radiation Safety Section for many types of x-ray installations, including:

Shielding re-approval should also normally be obtained when x-ray equipment is replaced, major x-ray room renovations are made, or other significant changes occur that could materially affect the shielding or room design required to meet current radiation safety standards.

There is no fee for submitting plans to the Radiation Safety Section to obtain radiation shielding review and approval.

The degree of protection required for an x-ray enclosure is normally determined by the workload, by use, occupancy, movement and distance factors, and by radiation dose limits used for design purposes. Shielding shall be subject to design approval by the Radiation Safety Section.

Facilities with the recommended shielding as specified in the guidelines will normally be able to maintain radiation doses to persons in uncontrolled areas and doses in controlled areas within acceptable limits and comply with shielding design recommendations of the department.

More or less shielding may be required in any specific case depending upon many variable factors. Therefore, please be sure to submit plans to the Radiation Safety Section for an official shielding review. Large or busy x-ray facilities, such as hospitals and radiology offices, may also want to enlist the services of a qualified medical physicist.

Updated: 11/15/2019