CTE Administrator Manual

Career and Technical Education Administrator Manual 2021


Table of Contents



Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronyms and Abbreviations


Career and Technical Education Administrators Roles and Qualifications

  • Role of CEPD Administrators
  • Role of Local Directors of CTE
  • Qualifications for Administrator Certification in Michigan
  • Qualifications to Apply as a New CEPD Administrator or Local Director of CTE for Reimbursement
  • Reimbursement Procedures


Perkins Federal Programs

  • Perkins Secondary Grants
  • Regional Leadership Team
  • Application for Funds
  • Criteria for Funding


State School Aid Act

  • CTE Funding Through the State School Aid Act Section 61a(1) (Added Cost)
  • Section 61a(1) Funding Formula Explanation
  • Distribution of Section 61a(1) Added Cost Funds (60% and 40%)


State Approved CTE Programs

  • Description of State Approved CTE Programs
  • Definitions of CTE Programs
  • CIP Self-Review Program Criteria
  • CTE Curriculum Integration
  • Program Concentrator - Program Completer Definitions
  • Career Clusters


Instructional Program Resources

  • Planning and Development of New Secondary CTE Programs
  • Needs Assessments to Support Establishment of a New CTE Program
  • CTE Program Criteria
  • CIP Self-Review and Related TRAC Processes
  • Work Based Learning Process and Resources
  • Youth Employment in Hazardous Occupations
  • Teacher Certification, Authorization, and Licensure Requirements
  • Program Advisory Committees
  • Career and Technical Student Organizations


Special Populations Students

  • Definition of CTE Special Populations Terms
  • Supplementary Services for Special Populations Students


Technical Assistance Activities

  • Director's Office
  • Career Readiness Unit
  • Grant, Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit
  • Early Middle College Unit
  • Career Development Activities
  • Technical Review, Assistance and Compliance
  • Professional Development
  • Civil Rights Compliance
  • Data, Evaluation, and Accountability


Financial Administration for CTE Programs

  • Purpose and Background
  • CTE Perkins Requirements
  • Perkins Grant Procedures
  • Public School Funding
  • Noncompliance Provisions


Data, Evaluation and Research


Web-Based Resources