District-Administered Diagnostic Assessments

District Administered Diagnostic Assessments

Diagnostic assessments help educators determine the cause for a student's performance. These tools assess at a deeper level to provide data that can be used to plan, modify, and differentiate instruction and interventions. These assessments are often used at the beginning of an academic year, semester/trimester, or instructional unit and assist with understanding student background and readiness. They often will assist with setting a pathway for the learner to reach the learning goals and objectives. Diagnostic measures should be used when there is a high probability that they will provide new information to help plan more effective instruction for a student. Diagnostic assessments should focus on areas of skills that can be directly taught and that will have an impact on growth if they are taught more effectively.

Characteristics of Diagnostic Assessments Include: 

· Administered to selected students,

· Related to the skills/knowledge in the learning objectives,

· Identifies strengths and gaps in student skills, ability, and knowledge,

· Appropriate in design and delivery mode,

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