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Early Literacy Assessments Resources

Early Literacy Assessment Systems

Assessment systems for early literacy are much more than arbitrary collections of assessments; the components of such systems must be carefully chosen so that they:

a) focus on important aspects of literacy and its development,

b) serve the needs of different stakeholders, and

c) are conceptually and operationally coherent.

The following guide, created in collaboration with the Michigan Assessment Consortium, is intended to serve as the foundation for the development of policy, resources, and professional learning opportunities that serve to outline assessment systems and practices that effectively support literacy development:

Early Literacy Assessment Systems that Support Learning guidance Document: A Guide to Developing, Implementing, and Supporting District Assessment Systems

For a quicker snapshot of what is included in the full guide, please see the Early Literacy Assessment Systems Executive Summary

For more resources to support development of early literacy assessment systems, please visit the Early Literacy Assessment Systems Website.