2019-2020 MTLAC Cohort

The Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council (MTLAC) is comprised of the 10 Regional Teachers of the Year (RTOY) each representing a specific area of the state.

The group’s mission is to share issues of importance to teachers and students with the MDE, while also providing needed input on proposed department policies and initiatives. During their year of service, MTLAC members provide feedback to MDE through monthly virtual meetings and quarterly face-to-face meetings, sharing best practices and concerns from educators throughout their respective region with MDE staff.

The MTLAC began in 2017 with 24 educators from across Michigan applying directly to MDE for a seat on the advisory council before shifting to its current format in 2018-19 with membership determined through the Michigan Teacher of the Year (MTOY) program application process.

2019-20 Regional Teachers of the Year

2019-20 Region 1 Teacher of the Year Rachel Gustafson
Region 1
Rachal Gustafson
2019-20 Region 2 Teacher of the Year, Amanda Clemons
Region 2
Amanda Clemons
2019-20 Region 3 Teacher of the Year, Katie Farrell
Region 3
Katie Farrell
2019-20 Region 4 Teacher of the Year Jeremy Winsor
Region 4
Jeremy Winsor
2019-20 Region 5 Teacher of the Year Jessyca Mathews
Region 5
Jessyca Mathews

2019-20 Region 6 Teacher of the Year Tricia Zeman

Region 6
Tricia Zeman

2019-20 Region 6 Teacher of the Year Tricia Zeman

Region 7
Douglas Duncan 

2019-20 Region 8 Teacher of the Year Kristalyn Musselman

Region 8
Kristalyn Musselman

2019-20 Region 9 Teacher of the Year Cara Lougheed

Region 9
Cara Lougheed

2019-20 Region 10 Teacher of the Year Michele Pizzo

Region 10
Michele Pizzo 

2019-2020 MTLAC Member Biographies

Region 1: Rachal Gustafson, Rapid River Public Schools
Region 2: Amanda Clemons, Manistee Area Public Schools
Region 3: Katie Farrell, Hudsonville Public Schools
Region 4: Jeremy Winsor, Fulton Schools
Region 5: Jessyca Mathews, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools
Region 6: Tricia Zeman, Holt Public Schools
Region 7: Douglas Duncan, Kalamazoo Public Schools
Region 8: Kristalyn Musselman, Tecumseh Public Schools
Region 9: Cara Lougheed, Rochester Community School District
Region 10: Michele Pizzo, Detroit Public Schools Community District

2019-2020 MTLAC Booklet MTLAC 2019-2020 Booklet