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    Do you have a question related to special education?
    Call 888-320-8384.

  • Document icon. Procedural Safeguards

    Schools must provide notice to parents about the protections and rights for their
    children with disabilities.

OSE Spotlight

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2019 Public Reporting Data Available

    Michigan's 2019 performance data for students with an individualized education program (IEP) are now available, as required by the IDEA.

    These data provide districts and communities an opportunity to see what is working well in special education for children and students from ages 3 through 21, and to identify what aspects need improvement. Reporting areas include Graduation, Dropout, Statewide Assessment, and Parent Involvement.

  • Special Education Reevaluation Process PDF icon

    A student's special education needs may change throughout the course of their educational career, and the reevaluation process is developed to assess these evolving needs.

  • IDEA Discipline Requirements PDF icon

    IDEA requirements for disciplinary decisions.

  • Shortened School Day PDF icon

    As part of the protections afforded under IDEA, students with disabilities have the right to attend school for the same length of time in each school day as non-disabled students. Absent a decision by the IEP team based on a student's unique educational needs, a FAPE includes the right to attend school for the full school day.

  • ESSA Requirement of 1% Participation Cap on Alternate Assessment

    Information and justification forms.

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