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Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children


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System Links:

MDE Nutrition Gateway

The MDE Nutrition Gateway is now Live! Local staff using child nutrition systems can now log in as a single point of entry into an MDE system for which they have approved access. Submitting applications, claims for reimbursement, documentation for reviews, or pulling data for meals served can now easily be located with one log in! Please change your bookmarks and enjoy this new gateway system designed to assist you in all things "child nutrition".

>>>The MDE Nutrition Gateway User Guide gives a brief description of the Gateway and what you can do in each section.

>>>The MDE Nutrition Gateway Dashboard and Portal Basics gives specific instructions on how to log in and use the Dashboard.


Michigan Electronic Grant System Plus (MEGS+)

Michigan Education Information System (MEIS)

Grant Electronic Monitoring Systems/Michigan Administrative Review System (GEMS/MARS) 

Michigan Nutrition Data System (MiND)


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