Sponsor Program Forms

Civil Rights Complaint Log - This form can be used for tracking a civil rights complaint by a Sponsor.

Field Trip Request Form - This form is used to obtain approval from MDE for off-site meal services. The Field Trip Request Form must be completed in GEMS/MARS at least 24 hours before the field trip.

Food Production Records - Use this form as a best practice for documentation of reimbursable meals.

Informal Procurement Log with Instructions - If using informal procurement, use this form to complete your annual procurement of 3 bids and a buy.

Procurement Procedures - This form can be used for non-school sponsors procurement procedures.

Sample Program Announcement - Sponsors need to announce annually the availability of the SFSP. The media release should indicate the location of sites, dates of operation, days of operation, meals served, and meal times.

SFSP Certification Statements - Sponsors statement of agreement for participating in the SFSP.

SFSP Training Sign-in Sheet - This form should be used when Sponsors conduct training. It includes the date of training, the trainer, training location, attendees printed and signed name, site name, and site address.

Special Needs Accommodations Form - This form should be used for documenting food allergies, disabilities, and special dietary needs.

Temporary SFSP Site Change Form - This form should only be used for temporary changes in dates of operation, meal times, or days of operation. This form should not be used for permanent changes in meal times, CAP adjustments, dates of operation, days of operation, or adding/deleting meal types.The Temporary SFSP Site Change Form must be completed in GEMS/MARS.