Child Nutrition Programs Training Calendar

SFSP Training Schedule - NONE, there are no in-person trainings available for the SFSP. All SFSP training is online.

SFSP Online Training - For 2021, all SFSP sponsors are required to complete the Michigan Waiver Training - Michigan 141a. SFSP sponsors are required to take the Planning and Administering the SFSP 2021 - Michigan 100 if they are a new sponsor, have new key staff, or have not attended training in the last two years. MDE encourages sponsors to complete MDE training annually.  

(Note the training website is a newer website and certain browsers or security settings might block the webpage. Please make sure you are not connect to VPN or a business network. The training works best in Chrome.)

SFSP Online Training Quick Start Guide

Civil Rights Training

SFSP Training Videos

MEGS+ Training Webinar - If you have questions about how to complete the 2021 SFSP application in MEGS+, watch this one hour training.