• Alternatives to Suspensions and Expulsions Toolkit

    This toolkit is designed to accompany the Model Code of Student Conduct and provides guidance on enacting culture change in K-12 schools and addressing behavioral concerns using non-exclusionary methods.

    To use this toolkit, choose which statement below that best applies to you or choose the module for Restorative Justice (RJ).

  • About the Michigan Department of Education School Discipline Toolkit

Restorative Justice Practices

Restorative Justice
  • Restorative Justice Practices

    The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is pleased to provide this free, on-line Restorative Justice Practices (RJ) resource to help school communities and individuals integrate this peaceful conflict resolution process into their cultures.  We encourage you to adopt RJ which is endorsed in the State Board of Education Policy on Reducing Student Suspensions and Expulsions and MDE’s Model Code of Student Conduct. Work through each of the 11 segments as you adopt the RJ Philosophy, Principles and Practices in your work and in your life. Each segment builds on the previous one, so complete them in order, either alone or with a peer group dedicated to improving school climate and students’ sense of responsibility to others.