A strategic plan aims to drive priorities, concentrates energy and resources, strengthens operations, and sets success measures to ensure that all stakeholders are working together toward common goals.  Michigan's original Top 10 in 10 Plan was approved in February 2016.  As is good practice for any learning organization, a strategic plan evaluation should occur often. With that in mind, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) conducted personal interviews and focus groups with state board of education members; education, business, and legislative leaders; tribal partners; and MDE staff. The department also conducted a public online survey which had nearly 12,000 respondents. On August 11, 2020, Michigan’s State Board of Education approved the updated plan.

Michigan's Top 10 Strategic Education Plan has a mission statement and a vision statement, which are unchanged from the original plan; six guiding principles, which maintain the spirit of the original principles; eight new goals that are more directional and streamlined; and metrics for each goal area to help monitor Michigan’s educational progress. The Top 10 Strategic Education Plan is both a directional and aspirational document in which local education agencies, education partners and stakeholders, and MDE can contribute to its implementation.


Michigan’s revised Top 10 Strategic Education Plan is a state-wide document in which districts can participate and see their connection to the plan and their collaborative role in its implementation.  Districts will be encouraged to share their efforts relative to the state’s strategic education plan where their hard work may be viewed and replicated by other districts. More information will becoming soon. 





  • 2019-2020 MDE Annual Report (Coming Soon)






Support learning and learners


Every learner in Michigan’s public schools will have an inspiring, engaging, and caring learning environment that fosters creative and critical thinkers who believe in their ability to positively influence Michigan and the world beyond.


  1. All students have access to high-quality instruction regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, economic status, native language, or physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities to close the student achievement and opportunity gaps that currently exist.
  2. All educators are encouraged to be creative and innovative. All educators are adequately compensated and respected for their professionalism, and have the resources, support, and training needed to educate students.
  3. All students are encouraged to express their creativity, have voice in their own learning, feel connected to their schools, and have authentic, meaningful relationships with educators.
  4. All students are provided every opportunity to achieve the broadest range of life dreams.
  5. Families and communities are essential partners of teachers, support staff, and administrators in the education of students.
  6. In support of students and their achievement, the Michigan Department of Education is coordinated, aligned, and properly resourced, and collaborates with school districts and a wide range of partners and stakeholders.


  • Expand early childhood learning opportunities
  • Improve early literacy achievement
  • Improve the health, safety, and wellness of all learners
  • Expand secondary learning opportunities for all students
  • Increase the percentage of all students who graduate from high school
  • Increase the percentage of adults with a post-secondary credential
  • Increase the numbers of certified teachers in areas of shortage
  • Provide adequate and equitable school funding


Metrics are a critical component to the updated Top 10 Strategic Education Plan.  Metrics have been identified for each goal and will be reviewed and reported annually.