Competency-Based Education (C-BE)

Michigan has high expectations to prepare students for life after K-12 education. Career & college-ready students possess the skills necessary to earn a self-sustaining wage and participate in post-secondary opportunities without remediation. Michigan's "Profile of a Graduate" includes characteristics of career & college-ready students that are evident within all of the academic standards, including the arts and the CTE Career Ready Practices.

Profile of a Graduate

Profile of a Graduate


Competency-Based Education Grant Pilot Grant (Section 21j of the State School Aid Act)

Section 21j of the 2017 -2018 State School Aid Act provides $500,000 to fund grants for the design and implementation of competency-based education programs. Districts will compete for grant funding for the purpose of providing enhanced choice to pupils and parents for the completion of the requirements for kindergarten through a high school diploma, including the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The grant program is designed to be a three-year opportunity for districts to explore, develop, and implement the systems and processes necessary for a quality competency-based education program.  Grantees are currently implementing year one of the three-year grant cycle.

Please see the 2017-18 C-BE Report to the Legislature for further information on current grant implementation.

Reporting in Competency-Based Education

Please see the Michigan Department's overview of Digital "Badges" in Education.

Competency-Based Education in Michigan

Do you use a Competency-Based approach in your district, school, or classroom?  Are you interested in knowing more about C-BE?  MDE wants to hear from you! Please contact Steve Nemeckay to connect with MDE.