Accelerated Learning

The pandemic and the unplanned shift to remote learning have widened the learning gap for many students in our state. The department created this webpage on accelerated learning to house a variety of resources and tools on this topic designed to assist educators in their efforts to fill student learning gaps. 

Accelerated learning keeps students moving forward on their intended grade-level trajectories by strategically preparing them for success in current grade-level content. Acceleration focuses on teaching only what must be learned, at a given level, instead of trying to teach everything that a student did not learn in a previous grade or grades. Acceleration requires teachers to identify crucial content that they need to teach and that students need to learn so that students can access current grade-level material. 

The resources and tools available by clicking on the buttons below will grow and expand over time as additional documents and links are added.


Acceleration vs. Remediation Icon

Acceleration vs. Remediation

Targeting Support with Tutoring Icon

Targeting Support with Tutoring:
A Strategy for Accelerated Learning

Focus on Essential Skills Icon

Focus on Essential Skills:
A Strategy for Accelerated Learning

Title 1 Grade Level Instruction Icon

Tier 1 Grade Level Instruction

Assessment Practices for Acceleration Icon

Assessment Practices for Acceleration


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Accelerated Learning Through
Student Engagement

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Accelerated Learning:
Whole Child

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Preparing Young Children
for Accelerated Learning

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Network of Practice

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Professional Learning