• 2014-15 Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Reduction Grant

    For the past 13 years the Michigan Department of Education has received the AP Test Fee Reduction Grant. This grant pays for AP tests and the International Baccalaureate (IB) tests and registration fees for low-income students.

    The funding for the AP Test Fee and Incentive Programs allocation will be approximately $28 million. Given the current budget climate, this is a comparatively positive outcome that attests to the value of the federal AP funding in boosting low-income students’ college readiness and reducing their college costs.

    The Michigan Legislature has appropriated $250,000 in the budget to allocate a maximum of $15 per AP test for students who qualify for test fee reductions.  Please see this memo, from March 2015, for further information.

    Please direct any questions to Sam Sinicropi at 517-241-0439 or email to sinicropis@michigan.gov.




  • Online AP CoursesMichigan will also use the grant funds to pay for books and materials for eligible low-income students taking on-line AP courses through Michigan colleges and universities. These courses are currently available at the following locations:
  • Michigan Virtual AP Academy, (517) 324-5360