• Early Middle College

    An early middle college (EMC) is a Michigan Department of Education approved five-year program of study.  The EMC is designed to allow a pupil to earn a high school diploma and one of the following; 60 transferable college credits, an associate degree, a professional certification, the Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certificate, or the right to participate in a registered apprenticeship.  A professional certification is any certificate or industry recognized credential in which the pupil prepared for by taking course work provided by a Michigan public or private college or university.

    An early middle college high school means a stand-alone public high school, where 100% of the pupils are enrolled as EMC pupils.  An early middle college program is a high school program designed to serve less than 100% of the high school population. An early middle college consortium program is comprised of multiple school districts with one coordinating agency. 

    An Early Middle College must maintain the following documentation.

    • the five (5) year program of study the pupil is working toward

    • a signed MOU with all postsecondary partners

    • the local district(s) Board of Education minutes showing approval of a five (5) year program of study, for Early Middle College students, that requires the successful completion of a math or math related course, that counts toward high school graduation in the final (5th) year of high school.

    • pupil’s Educational Development Plan (EDP).

    • a copy of the transcript(s) or the certificate that the student completed