Field Services

  • Office of Field Services

    Mission Statement:
    To accelerate student achievement through school improvement by working as partners to maximize the allowable use of supplementary resources.

    Field Services' primary goal is to support schools in helping all students learn and achieve high standards.  Field Services team members work together to help local districts implement functional school improvement plans aligned to high standards, improve student performance on both State and local assessments, and target supplementary resources more effectively to support educators in achieving these results.

    Director, Office of Field Services
    Phone: 517-373-3921

    Juan Suasto, Manager, Financial Unit
    Phone: 517-335-0909

    Paula Daniels, Ed.D., Manager, Regional Support Unit
    Phone: 517-373-4588

    Fred Williams, Manager, Regional Support Unit
    Phone: 517-373-3743

    Shereen Tabrizi, Ph.D., Manager, Special Populations Unit
    Phone: 517-373-9524