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Resources for Conducting a School Systems Review

The purpose of completing the School Systems Review (SSR) is to engage your staff in meaningful dialogue about school processes that support student achievement. Thoughtful analysis of the research-based indicators from the School Improvement Framework 2.0 can assist staff in identifying system strengths and opportunities for improvement. The School Systems Review is one piece of the comprehensive needs assessment that informs your School Improvement Plan.

Checklist for Before, During, and After the School Systems Review (SSR) Process

The instructions listed below describe how to facilitate/lead the School Systems Review process.  This checklist will help you keep track of necessary items as you prepare to lead the process.  Click the links below to download the documents.

Before the Process

During the Process

  • Ensure that teams are recording evidence on the Dialogue Recording Form (or chart paper) during their dialogue about the Guiding Questions.

After the Process

  • Collect all the School Systems Review documents and Dialogue Recording Forms. Organize them by Strand and keep them together. These notes will be useful for school improvement planning.