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How Can You Get Involved?

#GoOpen Michigan Community

The #GoOpen Campaign from the U.S. Department of Education encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning.  The Michigan Department of Education is proud to announce that Michigan is a #GoOpen state, with educators, administrators, parents, and community members across Michigan encouraging the use of OER at all levels of education.  

#GoOpen Michigan is a community of educators and learners who access and contribute free, openly licensed, high-quality digital resources to enable equitable transformative learning experiences.

-Mission Statement

How can I participate?

Learn and Share:  

The best way for anyone to get involved in supporting open educational resources is simple:  keep learning about OER and start talking about OER!  Ask your district’s teachers, administrators, and school board if they are thinking about OER.  Tell your family, friends, and community members about OER.  Ask school boards and local government officials to support the educators using and creating OER.

Find and Use:

If you’re an educator, a student, or a parent, check out the resources below to find interesting OER--then tell other teachers and learners about what you’ve found! 

How can I find OER?



#GoOpen Michigan Champions

#GoOpen Michigan Strategy Team










Lansing Community College




Library of Michigan











Michigan Colleges Online


Data Hubs


Michigan Department of Education


Michigan Open Book Project


Michigan Virtual University




Wayne RESA



#GoOpen Michigan Districts


Marysville Public Schools

#GoOpen Michigan Corporate Partnerships

Advanced Learning Partnerships









More Information about OER and #GoOpen