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Why Are OER Important?

“No brainers” are incredibly rare in education, where strongly held, widely disparate values all-too-often stymie potential reforms. Well, OER is a no brainer.

- 2015 report on Open Educational Resources from the Hewlett Foundation.

Why is Michigan participating in the #GoOpen initiative?

“No matter where students live, they should have access to the same high-quality educational opportunities as any other student in Michigan. Likewise, teachers across the state should have equitable opportunities to learn and excel in their profession no matter where they live and teach.”

- Michigan Top 10 in 10 Strategic Plan

Michigan’s OER initiative provides access to high-quality open educational resources to increase equity and transform teaching and learning.

-Vision Statement of #GoOpen Michigan

OER Benefit Educators, Students, Districts, and the Community

  • Increase Equity
    • Personalize learning, Customizable experiences
    • Support competency-based education
    • OER are available to learners of all ages
  • Keep Content Relevant and High Quality
    • OER are hosted online, so they can be updated more quickly than traditional print textbooks
    •  Flexible, not static
  • Empower Teachers and Students
    • Teachers have more freedom to design learning experiences by creating or finding a wide variety of high-quality, standards-aligned OER to support and supplement their teaching.
    • Students can use OER to supplement their studies, as well as create OER while learning.  
    • Unlimited possibilities
  • Save Money
    • Free, minimal costs
    • Savings can be diverted to teaching and learning
    • Streamline content delivery

More Information about OER and #GoOpen

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