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Professional Development, Curriculum, and Supports Grant

Section 35j of the FY 2024 State School Aid Act provides $140,000,000 to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) to improve literacy instructional practices by investing in quality, research-based best practices, and professional learning.

2023/24 Grant Application

The 2023/24 Section 35j Professional Development, Curriculum, and Supports grant application is now closed.

Please note: Grant funds will be allocated dependent upon the number of applicants, and is formula based. The formula will result in an equal amount per pupil based on the number of pupils in the LEA or ISD in grades pre-K to 5 based on 2022/23 end of school year count. The per pupil allocation is $311.08.

After the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has determined initial eligibility, LEAs and ISDs will be notified through NexSys that modifications are required; this is simply to allow LEAs and ISDs to upload their budget in NexSys for approval. Eligible LEAs and ISDs will need to submit a budget for approval, aligned with the allocation and approved plan by April 5, 2024, to start receiving grant funds in the May State Aid payment; or May 3, 2024, to start receiving grant funds in the June State Aid payment.

Grant Resources

MDE Grant Contact

Please direct all inquiries to