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Michigan Celebrates Black History Month

Watercolor illustration of African American adult female and male, and smaller illustration of three children.

Michigan Celebrates Black History Month

Student engagement increases as students see themselves (mirrors) and others (windows) portrayed accurately in their reading as presented in the work of Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop. Likewise, teaching diverse perspectives aligns with the work of Dr. Bishop, providing students with curricular mirrors and windows to increase their engagement in learning, which is a student right and an educator responsibility.

The Michigan Department of Education and the Library of Michigan worked with educators to showcase Black authors and their literary works, creating calendars in celebration of Black History Month in February 2021 and February 2023. By raising the consciousness about great Black authors and lifting up their works, we seek to create conditions for greater engagement with literature among Michigan students.

The 2024 Black History Month Calendar expands to include lessons from educators and a personal why to support instruction focused on Black history. Daily lessons from educators include a range of content areas and grade levels, and the standards to which the lesson aligns.

Each of these calendars (linked below) were created with the support of Michigan educators and can serve as resources for engaging teaching and learning throughout the year. The 2023 calendar includes text recommendations from Michigan students and interviews with students talking about why diverse texts are important to them.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) appreciates those educators and/or districts that have taught and woven in Black history throughout the school year, with an extra emphasis in February as a celebration of Black History Month.