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Return to the Profession

I hold a valid Michigan Teaching Certificate.

Welcome Home! If your certificate is still valid, you may immediately begin applying for jobs in Michigan.


My Michigan Teaching Certificate expired.

Welcome Home! If your Michigan certificate has expired, and you do not hold a valid out-of-state certificate, you must complete 150 education related professional learning hours to renew your certificate. There are no additional requirements or penalties if your certificate has lapsed. Additional requirements are necessary only if you are interested in advancing up to the next level of certification, however.

Welcome Home Proud Michigan Educator

My Michigan Teaching Certificate expired, but I have been teaching out-of-state.

Welcome Home!  If your certificate has expired and you hold a valid out-of-state teaching certificate, you meet the professional learning requirements for certification renewal. A one-time renewal is available to welcome you back to teaching in a Michigan school.


Apply today!

Special Renewal Opportunity!

If your certificate expired in June 2020 or earlier, you may qualify for a reduction or elimination of the professional learning hours required for recertification.

Learn more about the Welcome Back Proud Michigan Educator campaign.


Feeling rusty?

If you would like a professional learning boost, the Michigan Education Association offers the Teacher Re-Entry Program, designed for teachers wishing to transition back into the workforce.

Teacher Re-Entry Program

Ease your way back

Not ready to jump back in yet? Consider substitute teaching! Short- and long-term options are available. Apply with the district of your choice for substitute teaching and they will direct you to their substitute permit process. Many use agencies that support this process from start to finish!

Need more help?

Contact our educator support team for recertification or permit guidance.