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Education Related Professional Learning

In order to meet the requirement defined by the Teacher Certification Code and Administrative Rule 390.1101, necessary for all certificate renewals or progressions, an educator must accumulate a total of 150 hours of education-related professional learning.

Education-related professional learning is any opportunity intended to improve an educator’s practice and capacity to perform the work within the profession of education, with a focus on improving student achievement. These opportunities must be aligned to the educator’s grade level of certification and area(s) of endorsement.

There are three recognized categories:

  1. Satisfactory college semester credit hours (average grade of C or better) at a regionally accredited college or university, with one semester credit hour being equivalent to 25 education-related professional learning hours.
  2. State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs).
  3. Annual District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) hours.

The following certificates require education-related professional learning:

Professional learning should be relevant and meaningful, and completed with ethical professionalism. The key factors for ensuring professional learning opportunities will count towards certificate renewal or progression are:

  • must be appropriate to grade level and content areas of certification and endorsement; and
  • must be completed since the issue date of the most recent certificate.

For more information about what types of professional learning qualifies for use as DPPD, please refer to our Professional Learning Guidelines.