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Virtual/Online or Computer-Based Instruction

Requirements for Teacher of Record for Virtual/Online or Computer-Based Instruction

Districts must ensure that all teachers, including virtual teachers, are appropriately placed for the grade level and subject area (either with certificate or permit) to avoid a state aid deduction or penalty. If an educator is not able to be placed appropriately (grade level and subject area), the district must obtain a permit for the placement of the teacher outside of his or her endorsement. Please refer to the guidance below to better understand placement options for virtual instruction. Also included are related resources for supporting virtual/online instruction.

Teacher Certification Requirements

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) recognizes there are many ways in which local education agencies (LEAs), both traditional public school districts and public school academies (PSAs), provide virtual/online coursework and instruction to students. This June 30, 2022 memorandum includes two new questions with answers which have been added to previously issued guidance to update the placement of virtual/online teachers beginning in academic year 2022-23. 

Updated Guidance for Virtual Teachers

Teacher Certification Requirement for Membership Purposes

The state legislature passed and the governor signed into law Public Act 48 of 2021, which defines teacher certification requirements for membership purposes in section 6 (MCL 388.1606) of the state school aid act. 

Teacher Certification Requirement for Membership Purposes

Additional Resources for Supporting Virtual/Online Instruction

COVID-19 Closures and Quarantines

On September 2, 2021, MDE issued a memorandum to address a pattern of questions surrounding the topic of canceled in-person instruction. This memorandum provides responses to those topics based on current understanding of the state law.

District Strategies for Continued Instruction During COVID-19 Closures and Quarantines

Educator Evaluation in a Virtual Environment

MDE has compiled a list of resources available to districts to support educator evaluation in a virtual or online environment.

Resources Available to Support Educator Evaluation in an Online/Virtual Environment