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Permits and Placement

Special Education Personnel Approvals

Critical Shortage

Loan Forgiveness and Deferment

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) requires MDE to provide a yearly list (due in December) of discipline areas for which new teachers or teachers with student loans can obtain loan forgiveness or deferment.

The MDE does not manage loans or have additional information regarding forgiveness or deferment. 

Questions regarding loan forgiveness or deferment should be directed to U.S. Federal Student Aid.

Critical Shortage: Loan Forgiveness and Deferment Guidance

Employment of Retirees

As required by Michigan Compiled Law 38.1361, MDE provides a listing of the Critical Shortage Disciplines for Employment of Retirees by April 1 of each year. This list is utilized by the Office of Retirement Services (ORS) to determine earnings limitations for retired school employees.

The law specifies a mechanism by which a Michigan school can add a local shortage area to the list. 

Questions specific to retiree finances, earnings, limitations, withholdings or financial reporting should be directed to ORS: 1-800-381-5000. MDE cannot provide technical assistance for retirement, retirement reporting/data or earnings limitations.

Critical Shortage: Retirees Information