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SCECH Overview

What are SCECHs?

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) are hours earned by attending professional development activities provided by SCECH Sponsors and approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). These hours can be used for renewal and progression of certificates and licenses issued by MDE.

Significance of SCECHs

Educators need 150 education-related professional learning hours to renew MDE issued certificates and licenses. These hours may be obtained only by college credits, SCECHs, or district provided professional development (DPPD) completed prior to July 1, 2020.

Any DPPD occurring after July 1, 2020 may also be used for recertification but must be entered as SCECHs. For information about reporting DPPD as SCECHs, please view the DPPD Reporting Process Resource page. SCECHs may be offered for a variety of different programs. Professional learning programs formerly deemed as Non-Traditional are now to be entered within a yearlong DPPD SCECH Program.

SCECH Sponsors and SCECH Catalog

Only MDE-approved sponsors may offer SCECHs for professional development activities by submitting a program application through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). Sponsorship of SCECHs is limited to Michigan regionally accredited colleges, universities, or community colleges; The Michigan Department of Education; Michigan School districts (both local and intermediate), private schools, public school academies, and educational entities that employ certified educators to provide instruction to Michigan students from birth to age 26; Local, State, and National (with state or local chapter) professional education organizations; and State of Michigan offices offering educational programs. To become a SCECH sponsor, complete the sponsor application and email it to

Individuals and non-Michigan educational entities may not submit SCECH program approval applications directly to the MDE but may apply through an approved sponsor to offer SCECHs for their programs. The Sponsor will provide the individual or private vendor with the complete application requirements.

A complete list of approved SCECH Sponsors, along with the SCECH Catalog of approved SCECH program offerings can be found in the top gray menu bar within MOECS.

How are SCECHs awarded?

SCECHs are awarded to participating educators through MOECS by the sponsor of the program. Once attendance is verified and participants are uploaded by the sponsor to the program in MOECS, each participant will receive an automated email requesting completion of a program evaluation. The program evaluation is accessible through the notification email and an educator’s individual account by clicking Complete SCECH Evaluations from the main menu (after updating or confirming contact information).

SCECHs will be awarded upon completion of the evaluation. Educators may complete the evaluation at any time prior to the educator’s next renewal.

Educators who have completed continuing education units (CEUs) programs sponsored by an authorized provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) may contact their local SCECH Sponsor with their certificate of completion to have the credit uploaded as SCECHs. IACET programs are the only CEU programs automatically approved for SCECHs.

Accessing SCECHs in MOECS

Educators are able to track their SCECHs through MOECS. To use the system, educators must have a personal account and a certificate/license issued by MDE’s Office of Educator Excellence.

To view SCECHs, educators need to log into MOECS using their personal login name and password. After reviewing personal information and selecting either Update or Confirm, choose the View Professional Learning page from the left side menu list. Select the District Uploaded PD and SCECHs tab to view awarded SCECHs and Access Evaluations Due to see a list of incomplete evaluations.

Questions about missing SCECHs from an individual’s account should be directed to the sponsor of the program.

SCECH Record Responsibility

Both the approved SCECH Sponsor and the individual are responsible for record keeping. The sponsors are required to collect and maintain records of all eligible participants who are awarded SCECH credit for 7 years after the end date of a program.

Participants are responsible for completing the required SCECH program evaluation and maintaining their personal information in MOECS which keeps the information regarding their completion of all programs for which SCECH credit was awarded.


Questions related to specific programming should be directed to that program’s SCECH sponsor or the local SCECH Coordinator. General information about SCECHs may be found on the SCECH and DPPD webpage or by contacting