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Future PME EXPLORE Student Competencies

Future Proud Michigan Educator: EXPLORE is designed to raise student awareness of educational strategies, systems and professions. This course engages learners in a study of student identity and the ways in which those identities are developed in learning communities. The lessons and activities provide a telescopic perspective while supporting individual learners to consider their personal microscopic perspectives.  Students will examine issues that affect their education, including personal and systemic influences. Through classroom assignments and clinical experiences, students will analyze teaching and learning practices as they experience mentorship and participatory learning. Students will use the course content and experiences to reflect on and prepare for their own educational pathways. 

Course Competencies

  1. Identify elements of a healthy, inclusive and equitable learning community 
  2. Build a reflective practice that includes observing, connecting, interpreting and applying concepts to personal experiences and clinical experiences
  3. Analyze core teaching practices in effective classrooms and how those practices can contribute to equitable student learning 
  4. Apply concepts of culture to better explain the relationship between identity and learning in themselves, their peers, and their future students
  5. Describe and build relationships that are positive, affirming and empowering, with an understanding of how relationships impact student learning 
  6. Investigate an educator’s role as an agent of change, advocate for justice or designer of opportunity
  7. Explain varied aspects of learner differences and development to understand an individual’s strengths, challenges and possible ways of supporting their learning and development
  8. Assess multiple instructional strategies to address individual student needs and differentiate instruction for a variety of learners
  9. Examine the roles and responsibilities of school systems and professionals in supporting the academic and social emotional needs of all learners
  10. Describe the preparation and development of educators in Michigan, including ethical expectations and key learning experiences before and after certification.
  11. Recognize the role of goal setting, self-advocacy and intrinsic motivation in the teaching and learning process

The units in the pilot curriculum are available for integration into any local Learning Management System (i.e., Google Classroom, Schoology, Moodle).  All curricular resources for EXPLORE, including student modules, are open access and available as a collection in #GoOpen Michigan.  For access to assessments, please email