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Resources Available to Support Educator Evaluation in an Online/Virtual Environment


Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework

  • Includes observation guide for online instruction
  • Additional articles and free tools for online and hybrid learning

Online Resources for Michigan Educators

Marzano Online Teaching Evaluation Model (MSU)

  • Provides online teaching techniques that meet each element of observation model
  • Additional resources/appendices providing information about effective online/virtual instruction

Using the Marzano Focused Teacher Evaluation Model to Guide Teachers to Online Best Practices

The Danielson Framework for Teaching (MSU)

  • Examples of how the components can be addressed through online teaching are listed
  • Brief narratives elaborate on the examples
  • Additional resources from teachers who are implementing online teaching techniques, information on the techniques, online tools and examples of how to implement techniques

Using the Danielson Framework for Teaching to Guide Teachers to Online Best Practices

Danielson Group Remote Teaching Guide

  • A focus on fewer components; a narrower set in order to better support educators in the context of online learning and remote instruction
  • Updated components and elements; a third edition of the entire Framework has been under development for the last year including elements supporting online instruction and racial justice
  • No rubric; this guide does not contain a rubric with four levels of performance; it describes priorities, actions, and strategies that align to proficient and distinguished practice

Framework for Remote Teaching

Online Educator Evaluation Tool Exemplars Already Being Utilized by Michigan Education Entities

Michigan Virtual: Modified version of the Danielson Rubric

  • Background of the development process of revised rubric
  • Link to revised rubric

Teacher Evaluation and Effectiveness Report