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MTOY Nominations


The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) seeks to recognize outstanding teachers across our great state. Nominating a teacher is simple and quick! Follow this link to nominate a teacher for the 2025-26 Michigan Teacher of the Year


 Click here for Michigan Teacher of the Year Nomination Form


Nominating an outstanding Michigan educator is easy. 

The following information is needed when nominating a teacher: 

  1. Teacher first and last name
  2. Teacher email address
  3. District and School
  4. Grade Level - subject area is optional
  5. Your contact information - this is not shared with nominee and only used if additional information is needed
  6. Nomination narrative describing why this teacher is being nominated - 250-characters (approximately one paragraph)

Important Dates

Please note the eligibility requirements for Michigan Teacher of the Year candidates:

  • Nominee holds a valid Michigan teaching certificate.
  • Nominee is a PreK-12th grade educator. 
  • Nominee works directly with students in their current role.
  • Nominee has successfully completed at least five years of teaching experience in Michigan at time of nomination.
  • Nominee recommended by someone other than self
  • Nominee has not been a Regional Teacher of the Year in the last 3 years

Nominations for Michigan Teacher of the Year must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 25, 2024. 

Please email questions to


Note to intermediate school districts (ISDs) and local education agencies (LEAs): We recognize that some ISDs and LEAs have an established process for awarding local teachers of the year. If so, representatives of districts (e.g. superintendent or superintendent designee) may email teacher nominations directly to Please include the teacher's name, personal identification code (PIC), email address, and school employed. An email verifying receipt will be sent within 48 hours. Nominations from districts will be accepted now until September 25, 2024.