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My District Says They Can See My Ratings, Why Can't I?

School and district personnel do not have access to your personal MOECS account. When school or district personnel tell you they can see your ratings it is because they are looking at the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP). All data is reported to the Center for Educational Personnel Information (CEPI) and is maintained by CEPI. When you log into MOECS your ratings are available for you to view, when you log out the data is returned to CEPI and not stored by MOECS.

So, why can’t I see my ratings? There’s a good reason for that, depending on the school year and your role at the school or in the district where you worked. Here are some possible reasons:

  • In 2010-2011, submission of ratings was voluntary on the part of the school or district, and the school or district did not report a rating.
  • You were not employed with a school or district for that year.
  • You were employed with a school or district for that year, but the district did not report you as employed.
  • Your school or district reported that your position was not a teaching assignment.
  • You hold a certificate for which ratings are not required for renewal.

Note that these are only possible reasons. You may not find out the actual reason until you contact the school or district yourself.

In some situations, there may be no rating data at all for you. In this case, you won’t even see a table in MOECS. Again, you must contact your school(s) or district(s) where you worked yourself to resolve this.