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Complaint Process for Private Schools

Private schools may file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Equitable Services Ombudsman if they feel a public school district did not:

  • Complete the consultation in a timely and meaningful manner
  • Consider the views of the private school
  • Provide equitable services to students.

Every attempt should be made to resolve this complaint before filing a complaint with the MDE Equitable Service Ombudsman. Private schools must first contact the MDE’s Office of Field Services to review the consultation process, the proportionality of funds, and determination of services. If it becomes necessary to file a complaint, a completed complaint form should be sent to the Equitable Service Ombudsman.

 Your documentation should include:

  • A statement that the State Educational Association, Local Educational Association (public school district) or other entity receiving federal financial assistance has violated a requirement of a federal statute or regulation that applies to a program requiring equitable participation
  • Details and proper sighting of statutory or regulations requirements
  • Copy of original Consultation Documentation form
  • Completed complaint form that includes signature

The Equitable Service Ombudsman will notify the complainant and the public school district named in the complaint of receipt of the form within two working days. The ombudsman will indicate if the complaint form was complete.

If more information is required, the Ombudsman notifies the complainant or school district. The Ombudsman responds to both parties in a report within 45 working days with a decision. If corrective action is required, a detailed action plan will be attached to this communication. 

Equitable Services Complaint to the Ombudsman