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Educational Components

  • Local education agencies and public school academies are required to adopt a model core curriculum per MCL 380.1278 of the Revised School Code. The curriculum should follow the Michigan Merit Curriculum. Various sections of the Revised School Code require that the written curriculum be part of the charter contract. [MCL 380.502(3)(e)(ii), MCL 380.522(4)(e)(ii), MCL 380.552(7)(e)(ii), MCL 380.1311b et seqMCL 380.1311d(3)(e)(ii)MCL 380.1311e(5)(d)]

  • A charter school may offer a single-gender class or program in which enrollment is limited to pupils of a single gender if the charter school permits enrollment of students of both genders. The charter school must also make available to pupils a substantially equal coeducational class or program and a substantially equal class or program for pupils of the other gender or both genders. Also, participation in a single-gender school, class, or program must be voluntary [MCL 380.475 and MCL 380.1146]. In short, a single-gender program may be offered if the two other programs (single-gender for the opposite gender and coeducational) are also available and of equal scope and quality.

    Charter schools that pursue a single-gender program are advised to work very closely with legal counsel to determine that all aspects of the program are handled appropriately.

  • Waivers may be requested for sections of law or rule where the Superintendent of Public Instruction has the legal authority to grant such a waiver. An example of such authority is a waiver for a school year to start after Labor Day. Also, some MDE offices have waiver programs for administrative fees related to their areas of specialty (for example, Food and Nutrition Services). For more information, see MDE’s Food & Nutrition Programs and the Office of Financial Management’s guidance on waivers.

  • In general, a charter school is considered a local school district. It is responsible for following the same legislative guidelines for transporting students as a local traditional school district, except charter schools are not considered districts under MCL 380.1321, as they have no resident students. Therefore, a charter school may charge for transportation, contract with a 3rd party vendor who charges for this service, or opt out of providing transportation. For further information on transportation issues, visit MDE Pupil Transportation.

  • Certification requirements for charter school teachers are identical to those of local school district teachers. Special exceptions are made for a charter school authorized by a state public university or community college that may wish to use its staff or adjunct professors to teach charter school students.
    (Refer to MCL 380.505).

  • Charter schools are required to report immunizations. If the charter school is new, it must report on all students. If the charter school has been open for more than a year, it must report only on the newly enrolled pupils. For more information on this topic, please visit School Health Services.

  • Charter schools are bound by the same statutory curricular requirements as any traditional school district. Those regulations are found in various sections of the School State Aid.