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  • The school should have in place a parent/student handbook that may address the issue. If not, the protocol for raising issues and concerns is, to begin with, the teacher, then the principal, then the superintendent (if applicable), and then the board of directors of the academy. It is important to allow the school and its leadership to correct the problem first. If the problem or concern continues after discussing it at the school level, the next step is to contact the school’s authorizer.

  • All charter schools are different, even if they use the same curriculum. Visit the school and ask questions about the school’s educational program, leadership (governing board and administration), faculty, and policies. Most schools will provide a Parent/Student Handbook, which includes general information.

    Important information can be found at the MiSchoolData Parent Dashboard regarding school services and offerings, student data, staff data, and various performance data metrics.

  • A PSA is permitted to establish a standardized dress code for students. The PSA board should have policies indicating the requirements, and they should be accessible to families at enrollment. Such dress code requirements may apply to the regular school day, extracurricular activities, and special events (e.g., prom or graduation). However, dress codes should be reasonable in scope and related to the school’s interests.

    • If the school district requires a specific color, style, and manufacturer, then the school district must supply the item free of charge.
    • Special clothing (no robes or band uniforms) for extracurricular activities such as choir, band, or orchestra may be supplied or paid for by the school district. Example: For choir, a white blouse or shirt, dark trousers or skirt, and black shoes and stockings.
  • This is a local issue to be decided by each school and formalized in a written board policy. It is recommended that school boards that choose to adopt such policies consult their attorneys to ensure adequate notice and information is provided to students and parents, perhaps through publication in the school's student handbook.