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  • Attorney General Opinion No. 6915 (1996) addressed two issues:

    1. whether charter schools are subject to MCL 380.1231 of the Revised School Code, requiring the board of a school district to “hire and contract with qualified teachers”; and
    2. whether employees of an outside company who are providing instructional services to charter school students are members of MPSERS.

    Although instruction in charter schools is to be provided by certificated teachers, pursuant to this opinion, charter schools may contract with outside companies for the provision of instructional services. Teachers who are providing instructional services to students at a charter school, who are employed by an outside company rather than by the charter school, are not members of MPSERS.

    In December 2011, Public Act 277 removed the requirement that school districts authorizing a PSA must cover PSA staff under that district’s current collective bargaining agreements.

  • A teacher who works in the education field may apply for loan forgiveness. Forgiveness is processed at the school or student loan servicer level. Contact those entities to verify eligibility. A Michigan charter school is a public school, and teachers may qualify for loan forgiveness.